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Important Question Related to Gandhi ji

 Question Related to Gandhi ji


1. Gandhi’s inspiration for civil disobedience came from the writings of


Ans. Henry David Thoreau


2. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was called as Mahatma by


Ans. Rabindra Nath Tagore


3. During the Non-Cooperation Movement, which award did Gandhi ji return?


Ans. Kaiser-e-Hind


4. When was Mahatma Gandhi arrested during the ‘Quit India Movement’ of 1942?


Ans. 9th August 1942


5. Gandhi ji believed that


Ans. End and means both should be justified


6. At which one of the following places did Mahatma Gandhi first start his Satyagraha in India?


Ans. Champaran


7. Who is the author of Gandhiji’s favourite Bhajan ‘Vaishnava jana to tene kahiye’?


Ans. Narsi Mehta


8. In Gandhian Socialism


Ans. State is not required


9. October 2, Mahatma Gandhi's birthday is celebrated internationally as –


Ans. Non-violence Day


10. At which of the following sessions of the Indian National Congress, did Gandhi ji preside as the President?

Ans. Belgaum, 1924


11. Which of the following Round Table Conferences was attended by Mahatma Gandhi?


Ans. Second

12. Who led the salt Satyagraha Movement with Gandhi?


Ans. Sarojini Naidu


13.In which of the following movements did Mahatma Gandhi make the first use of hunger Strike as a weapon?


Ans. Ahmedabad Strike, 1918


14. Gandhiji organized ‘Dandi March’ in 1930 against:


Ans. Imposition of tax on salt


15. Who led the extremists before the arrival of Gandhi on the political scene for India’s freedom struggle?


Ans. Gopal Krishna Gokhale


16. Which of these slogans is associated with Gandhiji?


Ans. Do or die

17. Who of the following is considered the political guru of Mahatma Gandhi?


Ans. Gopal Krishna Gokhale


18. In which year did Mahatma Gandhi finally return to India from South Africa?


Ans. 1915

19. To how many years of imprisonment was Mahatma Gandhi sentenced for the first time in India?

Ans. Six

20. In relation to which of the following did Gandhiji use the phrase "Post-dated cheque on a crashing bank"?

Ans. Cripps Mission
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