Monday, 19 October 2020

Which post in RRB NTPC is better?

Which post in RRB NTPC is better?

There are various posts in RRB NTPC, Some are for candidates who have passed 12 the standard and some who have passed graduation. Let’s have a look the posts 1st:

·         Candidates who have passed 12th standard can apply for :

o    Accounts Clerk cum Typist

o    JR Clerk cum Typist

o    JR Time Keeper

o    Trains Clerk

o    Commercial cum Ticket Clerk

·         Candidates who have passed Graduation can apply for :

o    SR Commercial cum Ticket Clerk,

o    Goods Guard.

o    Traffic Assistant.

o    Senior Clerk cum Typist.

o    Commercial Apprentice.

o    Senior Time Keeper.

o    JR Account Assistant cum Typist.

o    Station Master.

However, entrants who would apply for typist job must have typing knowledge and relevant certificate. Entrants have to apply according to their educational qualification so it's difficult to say this particular job post is best among the lot. However, if we look at the salary structure there would definitely be the best and worst pay for some posts. Let’s have a look:

Which job in RRB NTPC has the most side income in addition to monthly salary?

·         Commercial cum Ticket Clerk in the job posts for 12th standard pass out have the best basic pay that is Rs 21700.

·         On the other hand, other job posts for 12th standard pass outs (Accounts Clerk cum Typist, Junior Clerk cum Typist, Trains Clerk, Junior Time Keeper) all have same basic pay that is Rs 19900.

·         If we look at the job posts for graduates, Commercial Apprentice, Station Master has the best pay that is Rs 635400.

·         The rest of the job posts for graduates have good but less than the above-mentioned job posts.


In that respect, if you are a 12th standard pass out as per pay you can say Commercial cum Ticket Clerk is the best job post for 12th standard pass outs and Commercial Apprentice, Station Master are the best job posts for graduates as per pay.
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